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Thursday, June 1, 2017
Proposed 2017 General Law Changes

Moose International’s Judiciary Committee has approved the following proposals for change to the existing
General Laws of the Order. These proposed changes will be voted upon by the delegates of the 2017
International Moose Convention in Tampa, Florida. If approved by the governing body, most changes will go
into effect on August 1, 2017, with the exception of Category 3, which would be effective on January 1, 2018.
A special session has been added at the Convention on Saturday, July 1 at 7:00am to discuss these proposals.
The delegate vote will take place on Sunday, July2 at the second session of the Supreme Lodge. Please review
the Convention program on-site for specific times and locations of these sessions.
Section 31.2 - Conferral of Life Membership
Current/Proposed: Moose International shall issue a life membership card to a member if Moose
International records show that the member meets one of the following qualifications:
(1) The member has fifty (50) or more years of continuous service in the fraternity.
(2) The member has paid dues in advance equal to 50 years of membership.
(3) The member has sponsored 250 members.
(4) The member has earned the Governor’s Award of Excellence.
Reasoning: Eliminates the awarding of a Life Membership by attaining the Governor’s Award of Excellence,
which no longer exists.
Section 50.8 - Nine O'clock Ceremony and Endowment Fund:
Current/Proposed: The Nine O'clock Ceremony gives members the opportunity to reflect upon the value
of Mooseheart and serves as a reminder of the principles of our Order. The Nine O'clock Ceremony should
shall be performed, and an endowment fund collection conducted, whenever members of the Order are
assembled (including meetings, the social quarters and during other social functions). Each lodge should
maintain one or more appropriately marked containers in the lodge home and social quarters to collect
contributions for the endowment fund.
Reasoning: To strengthen and promote this practice in all lodges on a consistent basis.
Article IX - Supreme Council:
Current/Proposed: The Supreme Council shall consist of thirteen (13) members not less than nine (9) or
more than thirteen (13) members, including the following five (5) officers, who shall serve on the Supreme
Council during the terms of their respective offices: The Director General, the Junior Past Supreme
Governor, the Supreme Governor, the Supreme Junior Governor and the Supreme Prelate. The remaining
eight (8) members of the Supreme Council shall be elected in the manner provided by the General Laws.
Reasoning: This change would be consistent with the bylaws of our other fraternal organizations, including
the Boards for Mooseheart, Moosehaven and Moose Charities. Further, the ability to reduce the number of
Councilmen reflects the representation needed to align with a contraction of membership over the past 30
Section 12.3 - Terms of Office:
Current/Proposed: The terms of the Supreme Governor, Supreme Junior Governor, and Supreme Prelate
shall be for one (1) year. The terms of the eight (8) remaining Supreme Councilmen shall be for four (4)
years; provided, however, that four (4) Councilmen shall be elected at each convention held in the odd
number years. The terms of all Supreme Lodge Officers shall commence on the first (1st) day following their
installation unless a different date has been determined by the Supreme Council.
Reasoning: To be consistent with the amended number of Supreme Council members. The simple word
change in this section would account for the variance in the potential number of Councilmen annually, but
would not change the length of terms.
Section 46.2 - Compensation of Lodge Officers:
Current/Proposed: No elected lodge officer, except the Administrator (and the Treasurer if he assumes the
duties of Administrator during a vacancy (See 36.12)), shall receive any wage, gratuity or other form of
compensation for his services as a lodge officer, or be a paid employee of the lodge or House Committee in
the service of dispensing alcohol. Elected officers can be compensated for services such as janitorial,
landscaping, kitchen, entertainment, etc. The Jr. Past Governor is not an elected officer and can receive
compensation from the lodge.
Reasoning: Many officers’ main occupations include service companies or contractor work that would be
beneficial to the maintenance, etc. of the lodge home. The alcohol provision is added to reduce the risk of
any potential conflicts of interest in the Social Quarters.
Section 48.2 – Provide and Enforce Rules:
Current/Proposed: The House Committee shall prepare and formulate rules and regulations governing the
operations of the social quarters or home including, but not limited to:
1. The conduct of members and their guests during all social activities
2. A dress code for members and guests during all social activities
3. The admission and conduct of minors
4. Smoking during social functions
The House Committee shall comply with all state, local or provincial laws governing smoking. If smoking is
lawful, the House Committee shall adopt rules and regulations regarding smoking during social functions.
The rules and regulations governing smoking shall be considerate of all members and provide smoke free
areas. It is recommended that smoking be prohibited during all meal functions occurring in separate areas
from the social quarters.
The use of any tobacco product or smoking device (including e-cigarettes) is strictly prohibited at any time in
the social quarters or lodge home. The use of all cannabis products is absolutely prohibited at any time in the
social quarters, lodge home, on lodge property, or during a Moose sponsored activity. Vulgar, profane and
indecent conduct or language is absolutely prohibited at any time in the social quarters, home, on lodge
property or during a Moose sponsored activity. In addition to the General Laws, the House Committee shall
enforce additionally adopted and approved rules.
Reasoning: Smoking within the lodges is a major hindrance to the recruitment of new members and the
retention of existing members. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking
trends for the past 30 years show a tremendous drop in the number of adult smokers (from 30.1% in 1985 to
16.8% in 2014). This essentially eliminates over 83% of potential new members and an even higher
percentage of younger candidates. Note: Accommodations may still be made for tobacco/e-cigarette
smokers in an area outside of the main lodge structure; however, cannabis smoking is prohibited on all lodge
property and Moose events.
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